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What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 23 June 2017


Welcome to another week and even though our #VenueTipoftheDay this week will feature some stunning properties in Edinburgh to coincide with the Festival, we are in fact starting in China!

We’re taking part in a Symposium on Monday to strengthen our relationship with China as Nottingham has strong ties to the country and our current work with the Unversities locally on a collaborative Microfilm Festival has opened up all sorts of new opportunities.

Following the recent signing of a partnership agreement between Nottinghamshire and Zhejiang province, Nottinghamshire County Council and partners are welcoming Zhejiang CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) and a delegation of over 60 Chinese companies to the Midlands to explore opportunities for business collaboration, both export and investment across a range of sectors.

Following a plenary session where speakers representing the UK and China will discuss the abundance of opportunities that exist for business engagement, delegates will be able to pre-book appointments with members of the Chinese delegation and we are keen to speak with the Tourism & Culture companies attending.

If you know little about Zhejiang (and to be honest we didn’t either) then it was host to the G20 summit in 2016, last year Zhejiang ranked 4th in terms of provincial GDP with an economy equivalent to that of Austria. With 90% of that economy privately owned, the province ranked 3rd behind Shanghai and Beijing in terms of disposable income per capita, and was 2nd in terms of the number of incorporated listed companies (2015)

Pillar sectors in the province are: light textiles, machinery, building materials, chemicals, ICT and medical devices which is why Zhejiang companies are looking to EU for investment collaboration.

New and rapidly growing sectors include e-commerce (Alibaba Group is based in provincial capital, Hangzhou) and creative (second largest film and television making region in China).

So could we be seeing a Cloud 9 in China in the future? Who knows?!

Have a great week…