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What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 10 July 2017


Welcome to another week here at Cloud 9 Towers and we’re celebrating Picnics this coming week, especially as we are now half way through National Picnic Month.

The use of the picnic basket is increasingly popular at corporate events and many dinners and functions now deliver a sharing basket to tables rather than plated food, especially for summer events. This slightly unusual format certainly helps guests to engage and chat whilst they are delivering into the basket to see what delights are on offer.

All of our suggested venues this week on our daily #VenueTipoftheDay feature properties with gorgeous gardens and grounds, all perfect to enjoy some outside air and a packed lunch or picnic in between your conference. Don’t forget that our free venue finding service can locate you the perfect venue for your next event, whether its indoors or out!

But, with summer trying to break through in England (and let’s be fair, we have had some great weather so far this year), it’s got us thinking about al fresco dining and the joys of eating a delicious spread on a cosy picnic blanket!

So in tribute, here is the Cloud 9 Guide to the perfect picnic!

1 Choose a Lovely Location For a great day out, hit the road and head to your ideal location. Try and ensure there is plenty of space, lots to look at it and if you can, try not to be too far from the nearest facilities!

2. Be Comfortable Sitting on the ground can get a little uncomfortable so  if you have room, include some cushions or deckchairs and don’t forget that all important picnic basket. If you are planning a twilight picnic, some lanterns are also a good idea and if you can pick ones up which repel rather than attract bugs, all the better! If however, its really sunny, don’t forget to pack  some sun cream, take a hat and pick a spot with some shade for those who would rather not be exposed all day.

3. Pick the Perfect Hamper A cool box is always a great addition to any picnic and don’t forget to let food completely cool before packing, and a roomy hamper  is also a must. Remember to place heavier items at the bottom and leave room at the top for lighter items so you can avoid squashed sandwiches and cakes reduced to crumbs! Freeze some water bottles for your cool box to keep essential items really cool – and you#ll also have some nice cool water later to drink!  Ice cubes are unlikely to last long!

4. Drink Drink & More Drink Whilst we are on the subject of water, in the heat its important to stay hydrated and although vino and beer will no doubt feature, some squash or lighter drinks are also a good idea to drink in between any top ups! Don’t forget some glasses or plastic beakers so you can enjoy different drinks without rinsing.

5. Get Savoury Savvy In addition to an array of  sandwiches and rolls, it’s just not a picnic without a Scotch Egg and a Sausage Roll, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your savoury snacks. Include some bite size tapas finger food or a range of dips and vegetables so your five a day will be part of the feast!

6. Sweet Tooth? Strawberries and Cream are a traditional favourite for a picnic but keeping cream nice and cool can be an issue  so why not prepare a tray bake of a strawberry style cheesecake or other easy to eat dessert. You can cook it in advance and even slice it before you go, and with it being flat, its going to be much easier to pack!

7. Forget Me Not Don’t forget your cutlery, crockery napkins beakers, glasses and any other utensils you might need. Simple things like corkscrews can be overlooked so get yourself a list in place and tick items off as you pack them. You are less likely to end up in the middle of nowhere without a way to get that cork out that way! A little first aid kit can also be handy for any bites or stings – its the bugs summer too unfortunately and you probably look tasty to them!

8. Enjoy  Picnics offer a great excuse to soak up some sun, have a catch up and even indulge in some board games or reading. The more active might want to indulge in a friendly game or rounders whilst the less agile can sunbathe or take a snooze mid picnic

9. Be a Perfect Picnicker  You’ve had a great time, and enjoyed your picnic so when you get ready to pack up to go home, please make sure you take your rubbish with you and leave you ideal spot, well ideal, for the next people to come along and enjoy. You wouldn’t pick a spot with broken glass and discarded wrappers so don’t leave your rubbish behind.

We do hope that has insipid you to pack a picnic in the next couple of weeks but don’t forget if you would like something more formal we are only a phone call away!

Have a great week.