What's Floating Around

8 April 2019

Floating Clouds

Welcome to another week #eventprofs and we are still a bit sore that our top tip for the Grand National on Saturday fell at the first fence! How could we not pick Vintage Cloud as our horse, but it sadly fell at the first fence, and luckily with no real damage to horse of rider.

Love it or hate it, the National is one of those events that really gets under the skin of the entire nation and although we have no idea which other event professionals backed a particular horse, we like to think that most of them opted for a name – which is our tried and tested method rather than looking at the actual odds or form.

So Cloud 9 and Vintage Cloud was a natural choice which got us to wonder who else picked a name based on the affinity between brand and bobo!

General Principle which fell at the 19th was probably a pick for those at Principle Hotels and Jury Duty which also fell at the same fence for Jury’s Hotels?

The Hotel Minella & Leisure Centre in Clonmel in Ireland probably picked Minella Rocca – which pulled up at the 21st Fence, and Lake View Lad which pulled up at the 27th Fence, was probably a pick for the Lake View Hotel team in Snowdon.

There are slightly random others which would work with a little imagination but its clear with the results on Saturday, that event professionals should stick to what they know – running events and booking venues rather than trying to be horse racing tipsters!
Have a great week…!