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What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 18 September 2018

Sketch Loos

Welcome to another week and we’re really pleased to report that we had a successful event last week in Harrogate for the National Acute Pain Symposium – and – planning is already underway for NAPS 2018.  We had quite a late night driving back on Friday, combination of sat nav fail, horrendous traffic and the usual rush hour out of any major city or town, so half way back, being all ladies of a certain age, we needed to stop and, ahem, powder our noses.

The A1 is littered with services advertising petrol, toilets and catering options but unfortunately the one we picked had a separate petrol station and diner, and we thought the diner would be the better option facilities wise. Sadly, the rather worn A4 sign in the window made it very clear that if you were not a customer, then don’t even think about coming in to use their toilets – charming we thought – although we can understand maybe their reluctance to allow a constant stream of people without a single coffee bought.

This got us talking on the rest of the way back, about just how important toilets are when it comes to events – and yet how often do we all ask about these when booking a venue?  Some of the more experienced event professionals will of course ask about this, but sometimes we are so under pressure, that we just automatically assume that everything will be hunky dory in the bathroom department for events, especially corporate events where the venues are so modern.

Festival organisers or those running events outside will have the arduous pleasure of sorting portaloo’s and luckily times have changed considerably in this area, with posh loo’s becoming the norm for many. This though is sadly not the case at some venues where the space is spectacular, but the number of toilets – and the condition of them – is not nearly up to par. However, some venues have really gone to town with their loo’s so we thought, just in case you ever get caught short, you should know about a couple of them!

Gents, if you are not bothered by heights then thirty-one floors up in The Shard, Aqua’s urinals could well have the best view from a loo in Europe, certainly for chaps. It’s not quite as impressive for ladies though, sorry girls.

Perhaps ladies should stick to Claridge’s, where luxury is the name of the game. Steeped in history, the elegant ladies’ room not only has vanity areas with chairs and well lit mirrors, but also a coat check and attendant. It’s how every bathroom experience should be we think!

If you are in Mayfair, then Sketch is quirky with their bizarre egg-shaped loos. The 18th century venue has been given a futuristic makeover where guests are invited to step into their own personal pod to have a tiddle. Birdsong plays within the pristine white pods to help keep a sense of calm, but we guess if you don’t like small spaces, how calm will be you be?!

So Loo’s really do matter, in fact check out the Loo of the Year Awards if you don’t believe us! We do wonder if the trophies are made of porcelain though?

Have a great week!