What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? May 2019

Plate Spinning

Welcome to another week and its another manic one here at Cloud 9 Towers, with all manner of client events on the go, and Janet out of action having broken her wrist!

Our Famtastic MICE lunches are starting to get booked up and our Fresh Adventures progranme is expanding as well. What with the script for CHS Awards and AIEA activity, it’s a bit crackers to say the least!

With training courses, venue finding, new business meetings, websites to update, social media and the endless stream of emails, it can be tricky to squeeze everything in.

So we could use this week’s blog to wax lyrical about time management and also to save a bit of time – we could just blatantly pinch the online offering of some training company. But instead and to keep it personal, we thought we would share our tips for keeping all of those plates spinning!

Our first rule here is about the deluge of emails. There was life before emails and electronic communication which our younger team don’t seem to fully appreciate, but we spoke to people, we telephoned them, we visited them and if needs be, we then wrote to them afterwards to confirm exactly what we had spoken about. This process could have taken a couple of days and factor in postage and weekends and sometimes it could be almost a week. Whilst we appreciate we live in a society where everyone, including clients, wants everything now, but the world really won’t end if you leave your emails a little while.

That first half an hour in a morning allows you to focus on what you need to do that day and catch up on anything you may have missed. We also use this time to look at our social media and make sure everything that should be up to date, is up to date. If anything really is that urgent, then call us. Or text us, tweet us, What’s App, or message us. Just don’t email us unless you really need to, and whatever you do, don’t fax us. We’re not sure how the fax even works any more!

Next up is sharing. No matter how experienced or knowledgeable you think you are, it’s important to remember that you are still always continually learning and whatever you think you know, there is probably someone else who knows as much if not more. It doesn’t matter if you have always done something in the same way for years and years. Getting a fresh perspective on how to work differently and more efficiently can be a really useful thing especially when you have a lot on. It may be sound obvious, but it’s something that many managers often forget, especially when it comes to how they manage their time. In fact, some of our biggest time management mistakes are simply caused because you don’t know any better and don’t welcome outside ideas.

Also sharing skills can be a massive help. Assign tasks to those who are pretty good at that particular aspect of a project and ensure those that need some help with certain tasks or some additional training in that area, understand why things are done in certain ways.

That way everyone benefits…and even though every project at Cloud 9 has someone to lead it, every project, event and client we have are collectively discussed to make sure we are using each of our own particular skill set. Communication is also vital and it doesn’t matter how great your external communication is with clients, if people don’t understand what is happening internally, then you have no or little excuse when things go wrong.

Whilst we all might complain about the sheer number of emails we all get everyday, BCC has become our friend here at Cloud 9. Forget Blind Carbon Copy the original glossary of BCC, as here it stands for Better Clouds Connected. On a large proportion of our daily emails we BCC in at least another person or a couple of people in the team.

The couple of seconds it takes to do this, and to briefly scan an email that’s been sent out, can firstly stop having to have unnecessary meetings but also means that if one of the team is suddenly kidnapped by aliens or worse still, run over by the No.47 bus, then as sad as we would be, at least one other person on the team has a fighting chance of picking up a project to ensures its successful continuation!

So knowledge is power and sharing key. We’re also list maniacs here. One a week which we are collectively responsible for. It’s amazing what you can do with the power of a few bodies all pitching in and a central reserve or platform like SLACK is a god send!

Just ask any of our clients! So, have a great week, see you soon!