What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 23 October 2017


Welcome to another week and if you detect a new tone whilst reading this week’s blog, you are not wrong! This week at C9 Towers we are are finding out just how amazing our Team is:

First and foremost, Carol, is our super sleuth, navigating her way through the catacomb payment system of a large medical organisation.  We have come to the conclusion that she could actually track down Lord Lucan, given the opportunity.   Not only that, she battled her way through the nightmare that is the M6 car park (Birmingham).  Not to be defeated by Hurricane Ophelia, Carol and John valiantly fought their way through Spaghetti Junction, Saharan dust and a red sun, and made it to the Accountants with 5 mins to spare, to deliver our annual accounts.
Secondly, Paula, where do we begin.  In the last few months Paula has embraced the World of Drones and is so immersed in the whole drone racing and international drone displays, that we feel she may take off any minute now!  Watch this space!  With awards, micro film festivals, virtual reality expo’s, aforesaid drone events – she has taken multi-tasking to unheard of levels and leaves us all in her wake, a little breathless.
Fiona, is looking after our Brand Ambassadors.  She has been interviewing and recruiting new members and we look forward to them coming onboard.  She has also been helping a major client with their marketing strategy and social media output.
Josh – is doing a sterling job with certification and all manner of wonderful social media.  He has even managed to navigate the password book and knows where everything is.  His speed of light workrate is marvellous, but we are having a hard time keeping up with him.  Whizz Kid, is the correct word.
Zoe is very kindly helping us this week with databases, social media and special projects.  She has also managed to embrace the thousand and one password and logins we like to use at C9 towers.  I reckon we have more passwords and logins here than Google.
Janet, wrote the Blog, so cannot comment!
Wishing everyone a great week….