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Black Friday 1

Welcome to another week –  and thank goodness that Black Friday is over. We usually drown in emails but the amount of Black Friday deals and offers seriously started to get on our collective nerves at the back end of last week – and it seems that everyone jumped on the bandwagon!

From events to venues, suppliers to speaker agencies, we got a complete deluge of offers, deals and amazing – ahem – bargain offers. Most of them complete tosh it has to be said, but just what is Black Friday –  and where on earth did it come from?

The manic shopping phenomenon has spread from the US and is now a highly anticipated event for  bargain hunters in this country as well, and if that were not bad enough we now also have to endure Cyber Monday, which of course it is today!

It’s not always a good thing though, you may recall on the news about the awful fights that broke out in Asda a few years back, where people were trampled and fights broke out as shoppers became over excited by the savings -and as a result the supermarket giant no longer takes part in Black Friday.

It all started stateside and follows Thanksgiving, which is sort of considered the start of the Christmas Shopping season over there, but just why one a day event now spreads over an entire weekend is anyone’s guess and this mass frenzy of shopping has now spread worldwide.

Some of the bigger retailers use Black Friday to offer big discounts before Cyber Monday but according to our online sources, the day was actually given its name as it’s often the day that shops “move into the black”, meaning they have enough money to cover their costs while reducing prices. However, it has also turned out that the day could be associated with a more sinister reason for being Black Friday as it appears that the police and NHS to refer to the Friday before Christmas, which is when emergency services anticipate extra pressures put on them due to Christmas celebrations.

So there you have it, Black Friday last week and Cyber Monday today. We don’t really mind as every day for us is a Cloud 9 Day. Free Venue Finding and doing what we love, managing events.

Have a great week – and don’t spend too much!!