What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 4 December 2017


Welcome to another week here at Cloud 9 Towers and our tree is up!  You can tell we are officially in Christmas mode as the radio stations are now ramping up their output of festive tunes, the decorations are up at most hotels and venues (we know because we have been to look) and even though the supermarkets have been displaying Christmas fare since just after Halloween, it seems that with the first week of December, we are allowed to celebrate!

So in a simple competition this week we are calling for your best Christmas Cracker Jokes  –  and the winners from our internal jury (Carol, Paula, Janet & Lorna) will win a box of…well…Christmas Crackers (jokes already included!).

Afterall, who wants to live in a world when Christmas doesn’t come with some of the worst and corniest jokes the world ? It’s as traditional as buying Baileys and not drinking it, eating too much and depressing yourself watching repeats of Eastenders – the Christmas cracker joke is simply a crucial part of the festive season and one to be celebrated as is plonking perching a paper hat on top of your head.

The jokes tend to be funnier the more you drink, but let’s see who can make us giggle without a single drop -It’s very easy to enter –  all you need to do is to send us your best or original ones, via email to carol@cloud9em.co.uk by this coming Friday (8 December) and we’ll let you know the winners next week if we have stopped laughing by then.

Have a great week and enjoy!