What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 1 January 2018


Happy New Year and welcome to another week at Cloud 9 Towers, although somewhat shorter, as we welcome in the brand and spanking new year.

Along with many, we’re all bursting with resolutions and changes we can make to generally improve our health, well being and bank balances! However, like so many others, it won’t be long before we slip back into bad habits and that new dress means dusting off our credit cards once more (no will power!).

In the spirit of change, rather than focusing on having a dry January, losing weight or any of the usual tawdry aims, we are going to focus on some predictions for the year ahead instead about what we will be up to here….

January is very much about Awards so we’ll be hosting a conference and organising the judging of several awards events we’re involved with. We’ll also be welcoming some new faces to Cloud 9 and ensuring all of our Ambassadors are up to speed. We’re also continuing our training for the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce and helping deliver the AIEA New Years Honours at the Holiday Inn in Peterborough. We’re also attending a client conference the first weekend of the year and we’ll be reviewing their options for 2019.

February, we’ll be ensuring that the CHS Judges are all in place and entries are flying in for the Awards as well as gearing up for a very busy March when the Nottingham Media Festival starts. February also sees us attending the Venue Masters conference as a panelist and the Accor Speed Dating event in Blackburn.

March will see the first Nottingham Media Festival combine the Fresh Creative Awards, Nottingham International Microfilm Festival, VR Expo & Awards and the Short Film Show Awards. This event is a huge deal for the city of Nottingham and also sees Lego Legends and a Slice Programme for students as part of the Festival. We also have a legendary birthday in the office this month for Carol!

Come April we’ll be confirming the programme for the National Acute Pain Symposium and launching our first Fresh Adventures incentive trips for creatives as well as attending the CHS Show in Leeds.

May will all be about a Digital event, but we can’t say any more at this time on this one just yet ( but our fingers are crossed anyway) and we’ll also be at the CHS Awards in Leeds. Our Fresh Adventures programme should also be up and running at full speed by May with lots of activities planned for the next 19 months.

June is very much an AIEA month, with us coordinating the Meetings Show for the Alliance and readying ourselves for the National Acute Pain Symposium Poster Competition which is always huge.

July which is traditionally a quieter time in the events industry, will certainly not be for us as we have a lots of other planning to do for our Autumn schedule as well as the planned launch of a new Cloud 9 initiative which we have had on the back burner for a while.

August is all about prep for the National Acute Pain Symposium which will be in it’s 28th Year and attracts around 300 International Delegates. Additionally, we will also be busy with the logistics for the International Drone Awards and the World Super Drone event.

September is the National Acute Pain Symposium in Harrogate and also Paula hits the big 50 – ouch!

October is the World Super Drone event with lots of International teams competing and also the International Drone Awards event which looks at celebrating the positive impact of drone usage rater than any negatives.

November and December – well, at this point we are not quite sure, but whatever we are doing, you can guarantee that we’ll be busy as ever!

All of this and lots of venue finding for clients as well, so its a busy year ahead and we predict a good one – let’s hope its the same for you all.

Happy New Year and have a great week!