What's Floating Around

7 January 2019


Welcome to another week and,  if you haven’t yet packed up your glittering decorations, eaten the last of the holiday chocolates and recycled your festive cards and tree, then what are you waiting for, come on, let’s get 2019 started…

Time to get going in earnest for the year ahead and a New Year provides a great opportunity for fresh start and revived interest in your goals. However, be realistic.Nothing will encourage a team more than the expectation of enhanced success, but set expectations on how you want your team to perform during tasks and activities – and always remember to outline your expectations of how much time and energy you expect each team member to place into the team building processes.

When wanting to build a stronger team and encourage people to work better in general, it’s important to ensure that these team members are correctly motivated and what motivates one person, doesn’t always motivate another so get to know the people and what matters to them.

Every person and every employee will have a different personality and knowing the personality of each team member will allow you to best understand their strengths and weaknesses –  and how you can use team building activities to enhance the strengths and allow them to work on their weaknesses.

Relationships with employees, and their relationship with each other, is also incredibly important and teams with strong and empowering bonds will be more motivated and will work better together. A strong team culture encourages knowledge sharing, trust and forms strong employees bonds; all things which are the fundamental framework for team building processes to happen – and a  eam that clearly knows their boundaries will be happier and more productive.

So setting some ground rules will make all the difference. Rules will allow everyone to know what to expect from each other, and procedures and ways in which they can overcome obstacles and meet deadlines.Just don’t be too restrictive or you could end up looking like a dictator!

Lastly, make sure that everyone is engaged and listen rather than lecture – it could end up that you have a much better team on your hands for the year ahead.

If you need us to help you source a venue or a team building event for your next company conference or meeting, then please do get in touch. Our service is free, fast and friendly and we can normally turn any enquiry, however obscure around in less than 48 hours.