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What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 8 January 2018

Jo 13

Welcome to another week and the first full one of the year for lots, as it seemed quiet last week with many people having extended their Christmas breaks…

The coming week is very much about people. As well as welcoming a new Ambassador to the team in the form of the fabulous Jo Neville,we also have a whole host of new Student Interns and Placement Students starting with us here at Cloud 9 Towers.

There will be hundreds if not thousands of people starting new jobs around the UK this week,  so just how do you make someone new feel welcome?

It’s a good idea to have welcome plan in place, so we have a folder for each of our new bods, with outlines, objectives, notebooks, health and safety and even a little office etiquette (such as if you making tea for yourself, make sure you shout up & see who else wants a cuppa!).

A new office can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know anyone and you have no idea where everything is – including the loos! So a tour of Cloud 9 Towers is on the cards to start with – yes, we really do have that much space,  and its a bit like a maze here so even if they don’t remember who everyone is, and what everyone does, at least if anyone should need the loo, they will be sorted.

As a small business, the most important asset is your team and people. Individual contributors are great, but true camaraderie can mean the difference between good and great, and from day one  investing some quality time with each new bod is vital. Understanding what everyone does, who everyone is and how we work is almost as important as the work itself.

Training is a must of course, but ensuring the training includes all the little things that a seasoned employee might take for granted, like how to navigate the phone system or where to find delegate badges is just as important and can make all the difference.

So, welcome to our new people, we are looking forward to working with you and if you are starting a new job this week, we wish you well.

Have a great week and please don’t forget that if you have any events planned for 2018 and need some help in sourcing a venue, our free venue finding service is ready and available anytime.