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What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 19 February 2018

robin hood

Welcome to another week and we’ve gone a little loopy and Lego Crazy at Cloud 9 Towers as our Lego Legends Competition as part of the Nottingham Media Festival, hots up.

 We’re inviting all enthusiasts of LEGO® to get truly creative as part of the event, and submit designs of iconic Nottingham Buildings or Landmarks, or even historical figures such as Robin Hood.

 We’ll need to see three photographs of your completed design and a max of 250-300 words describing your creation no later than Wednesday 28 February 2018. 

 This will enable our judges to make the decisions about which teams have been shortlisted to display their work. Please use the official entry form to submit your design details and photographs. We don’t mind where you are based but you must be able to display your work in Nottingham from 8-10 March 2018 as part of the Nottingham Media Festival. Set up will need to take place in advance of 8 March and we will put you in touch with the the relevant host venue nearer the time.

Open to individuals, teams, friends, schools, clubs and colleagues, we invite you to submit your design in LEGO® representing Nottingham (an iconic building or landmark, historical figure or famous scene) and the finalists will all be displayed at a variety of venues around the Lace Market for the duration of the Nottingham Media Festival.

If your LEGO® skills are superb you might want to enter something a little more modern with a Media related structure so check out the categories and how to enter…


There will be some amazing prizes for the winners and lots of media coverage so get building and we look forward to being wowed with the LEGO® Legends Competition 2018.

Have a great week and get building!