What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 26 February 2018


Welcome to another week and it’s a very interesting one here at Cloud 9 Towers as we get ready for the Nottingham Media Festival – and – more specifically the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival.

Many of the major film events around the world have been marked recently with the recognition of the #MeToo campaign globally (white roses, wearing black, badges etc) and whilst we are fully supportive of any initiative that applauds equality and acknowledges and fights some of the appalling behaviour many women in all professions have had to suffer – we do debate whether this is a topic that should be included within our event.

Not for any reason other than we have no agenda when it comes to recognising talent from the submissions irrespective of whether they were entered from a man, women, professional, student, or simply an enthusiast of this amazing genre.

We just like great films. Especially short films or Microfilms.

It seems wrong to jump onto a global bandwagon but also churlish to ignore an international campaign, and not to understate the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival, but our judges are a diverse mix of genders.

We do look forward to welcoming the winners, finalists, sponsors and stakeholders to the Festival. We would also like to wave a flag for everyone involved irrespective of gender, nationality or status.

Great films and great events require great people so we applaud you all.

Have an amazing week!

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