What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 19 March 2018


Welcome to another week and we are delighted to unveil a new initiative here at Cloud 9 Towers, with the launch of Famtastic. No, this is not a typo, it’s the great new name of a new platform that is designed to connect agents with unprecedented opportunities to experience a whole host of invitations and fam trips – and to enable suppliers to connect with new agents, all whilst expanding their guest lists with new and relevant buyers.

We are only a small agency here at Cloud 9, yet we receive around 50 invitations a month to attend events, relaunches, site visits and fam trips. Whilst it’s flattering to be on the guest list of so many suppliers, we do recognise that accepting invitations comes with both a responsibility to at least look at a reasonable opportunity to ensure the suppliers get an ROI on their investment – and – we also have to justify our time to make sure it’s relevant for us.

Recognising that suppliers go to a lot of time and trouble as well as making a significant financial investment in any invitations to agents is also a major factor behind the new initiative. It’s often that we receive several invitations to attend events on the same date, many of them amazing opportunities and yet it must be frustrating for the suppliers to attempt to compete for similar audiences.

Having researched extensively, we couldn’t find anywhere that offer a centralised point for both agents and suppliers to check the fam trips and invitations available, and to ensure that when planning a date, you are not going up against another event or indeed Industry Trade Show.

Whilst we love micebook and the industry titles that often list events, groups like the Delegate Wranglers and Elites often have last minute invitations listed, so Famastic will take the strain out of attracting last minute place with regular shout outs and an invitation hub.

Quality not quantity counts when it comes to fams and invitations, and most suppliers will be disappointed if its the same old audience for their events every time, so the site will be a great way to enable a new audience. Additionally, many agents will decline invitations if its the same old suppliers attending forums and one to one events, so Famtastic should encourage new conversations and more importantly new business relationships.

It is not designed to allow industry blaggers, and we all remember the news articles from last year which named and shamed some of the biggest interlopers, to attend more event in search of freebies, or to encourage agents to attend the opening of an envelope. Hopefully, it will instead provide opportunities for agents to make an informed choice to improve industry knowledge and education about venues – and – to provide suppliers with less empty guest lists – especially when investments have been made on expensive flights and travel.

Famtastic has a very thorough code of conduct when it come to etiquette related to agents attending events or fam trips and every suppliers will also be able to list some basic qualification criteria to make sure the right audiences are with them at events.

Will it work? Well that’s pretty much down to the industry we guess – and – whilst we are not charging a fortune for any listings we do need to cover some basic admin costs – however our main aim is to actually make the whole invitation process easier for everyone involved.

So meet Fred our Famtastic Flamingo and have a great week!