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What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 3 April 2018

Blue Baubles

Welcome to another week and we hope everyone had a good Easter break –  it’sApril already, wow, where is the year going we ask – and without wanting to invite anyone to lambast us, did you know that as of today there are only 266 days to Christmas….scary!

Take out weekends and the remaining Bank Holidays,  and the Festive Season will be upon us before you know it, so it’s time to book that Corporate Christmas Party.

Seriously, if you want to secure the date you want, at the venue you want, then now is the time to get it booked and on hold – or at least ask us to research the options.

Our Free Venue Finding Service is on standby and ready to help, so forget Santa’s little helper, ask the experts instead and either call us on +44 )115 9333811 or email janet@cloud9em.co.uk, she is standing by and ready to help (we would have popped in Carol’s email but that seemed a little corny – Christmas Carol….).

Oh well, we thought it was funny!

Have a great week everyone!