What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around? 28 May 2018


Welcome to another week and its another Bank Holiday Week so a short one everyonee.

Lot’s to look forward to this week with the CHS Awards on Thursday in Manchester celebrating venues and some of the great industry personalities in our business – so it should be a great night.

We’ve been a bit behind with our communications recently following our move, and it goes to show just how reliant we are on tech and especially wifi – which we often take for granted. Yes you can still access emails and stuff on your phones, but the really important stuff dos require a decent connection to allow you to really engage in work.

However, even if you are working off the grid (so to speak), you can still be really productive! It’s a great excuse to get super organised and file all of those documents in appropriate folders and delete anything that you no longer need and is taking up valuable space.  Save some important things on memory sticks and use the down time to delete some old or irrelevant emails that might be languishing in your in box.

You can also use your time effectively by calling people. Yes in the days before electronic communication people did actually make calls and speak to each other (yes really!) and whilst calls these days are often just thought of, as being cold or sales calls, what a great opportunity to connect with people you haven’t spoken with in while. Who knows where it might lead?!

The funny thing about speaking with people and we love to talk here at Cloud 9, is that even the most effective and literate author, cannot convey an accurate tone of voice or pick up mannerisms through an email or text message.

Emojis are still best used in texts or on social media, so look out for voice inflections when you do have a conversation with someone – it could make all the difference and really brighten your day.

People still buy people so its tough to judge someone if you are only ever communicating electronically – their email style might be abrasive but in real life they might be a real softy – but unless you know this, how will you ever really discover it if you don’t pick up the phone?

A lack of wifi is not the end of the world, and can actually help you look at things differently so make the most of it – you might be quite surprised and if you fancy a chat, call us – our free venue finding service works just as well without wifi!

Enjoy the week ahead!