What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around? 4 June 2018


Welcome to another week and it seems like we’re certainly in the midst of an enourmous explosion of industry events and invitations at present –  which for event professionals is both educational, enjoyable and sometimes just plain exhausting!

We’ve only just had the great showcase event from Hotel Republic (thanks guys) where many of their International Destination Partners, hosted us at Landing 42 at the Leadenhall Building in London, followed by an overnight stay at the Sunborne Yacht, and then last week it was the CHS Awards at the Principle in Manchester, where we were kindly hosted by Jury’s. A really great night celebrating some great venues and industry personalities.

Jury’s Manchester is certainly a bit of a hidden gem – fabulous bedrooms, great open spaces, stylish bar and kitchen area and whilst the meetings spaces are not huge, both rooms on the ground floor adjacent to reception have great light and are ideal for smaller meetings from 20-50. It’s not expensive either so well worth a look event peeps!

In amongst our usual manic diaries, we also have the annual deluge of meeting requests for The Meetings Show – which takes place at the end of the month. As hosted buyers, you do have to do so many appointments to meet our commitments, but sometimes securing the meetings in manageable way (and anyone who has been to IMEX or EIBTM will know what I mean) can be tricky. If you are not careful you find yourself in one zone, your meeting runs over and you have to impersonate Usain Bolt to make your next meeting on time.

Combine this with the flurry of invitations to other trade shows, launches, open days and events and its easy to see why suppliers have such a tough time competing for the attention of agents.

This is one of the reasons we launched Famtastic a few weeks ago. Having a centralised place which lists all of the core industry events, detailed invitations and commission offers seems to be good idea, and certainly the industry is now embracing the initiative well.

If you haven’t signed up (or opted in – we are GDPR compliant just so you know) then please make sure you take a look at Famtastic.Rocks. It’s a great resource for the industry and we are listing Christmas ideas, a suppliers directory and in time some of the best industry jobs.

So follow the Flamingo and keep up to date!

Have a great week.