What's Floating Around

16 July 2018

St georges Day

Welcome to another week and it might be true that our World Cup dreams are well and truly over, the heat is still here but the sunshine has disappeared, we’ve no British success at Wimbledon to applaud –  and the tiresome Brexit debate is still raging on and on, but we have much to celebrate in this little isle of ours, and so we should!

So in the spirit of rousing the entires nation and especially all fellow #eventprofs, here are nine reasons to cheer up and solider on – in true British stiff upper lip style.

Firstly, the UK might be small but it’s mighty and despite our traffic, it’s easy to get around and even getting from London to Edinburgh can be tackled in less than five hours by train. We also have some amazing landmarks such as Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall and the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.Not to mention some stunning National Parks likes the Peak District, Dartmoor and New Forest as well as some cracking coastlines and given our size, we are never more than a couple of hours away from the opportunity to enjoy a soggy sandwich on a beach somewhere.

Second is our list of amazing locations from pretty villages to vibrant towns and cities all with something different to appeal to every taste and requirement. From the delights of Cornwall to the beauty of the Cotswold’s, or the hustle and bustle of London to the docks of Liverpool, home of the Beatles (another reason to celebrate!). Let’s be honest, the UK has some amazing and iconic landmarks from Big Ben to the Blackpool Tower.

Creativity is at number three and as the UK’s second biggest export, out talents in the creative sector are the envy of the world – and we know as we have asked everyone!  From fashion to film, street art to architecture, us Brits are rocking it. A global phenomenon, Britain has some fab examples of great street art, from the famous Banksy pieces, to stunning film locations such as Chatsworth House which become the home of the dashing Mr Darcy, or Alnwick Castle the home of Hogwarts. Our Advertising scene is thriving and many of our directors have gone on to be Hollywood greats.

On the subject of greats, the our contribution to literature must also get a mention at number four. The world’s greatest playwright is still celebrated globally and his plays still performed at the Globe Theatre in London, and his house in Stratford and The Royal Shakespeare Company today hold critically acclaimed performances throughout the year. William Wordsworth, another of Britain’s great poets, was famously inspired by the beauty and drama of the Lake District but we are not sure what inspired JR Tolkein or AA Milne to deliver the Hobbit or Winnie the Pooh. Add in Roald Dahl and JK Rowling and it’s clear we lead the way.

At five is the list of legends and myths, many of which have also enjoyed big screen success in the same vein as our literary greats. From Nottingham’s famous Robin Hood, to the monster lurking under Loch Ness, we are also famed for the mystery of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table which includes the sword in the stone.

From Royal myths to the Royal family at six and love ’em or loath ’em there is no denying that us Brits do pomp and ceremony better than anyone in the World. Our Royal family still bring in a huge amount in terms of tourist attractions our new royals seem to have embraced a whole new capture in terms of their public face. The British Monarchy dates back to 1603, although before then England and Scotland each had their own monarchs as far back as 757AD and with such a fascinating history, the British Royals are still an obsession for the world’s media.

At seven is our ability to form an orderly queue.  Whether it’s waiting for a bus, or struggling with a big shopping trolley or to pay for a cheeky kebab in the early hours, we’re normally pretty polite and sensible when it comes to waiting our turn. Although none of us have to queue to any longer to use a good old fashioned red phone box (another reason to be proud), we would win every gold if this became an Olympic sport!

For number eight we have to mention the amazing amount and variety of food and drinks available in this little Isle of ours. From Wine to Whiskey, Fish & Chips to a Sunday Dinner, our bland reputation for food no longer stands, and anyone who doesn’t like a full English now and again, should be forced to do the washing up for a year – no dishwasher allowed. Additionally, our Afternoon Tea’s are legendary and our abilities to embrace new cuisines a shining example of just how fab we are all are.

Finally at nine our events. From the variety of large scale events and festivals including Glastonbury, The Grand National, The Chelsea Flower Show, The Edinburgh Fringe and Pride, to the events we #eventprofs are delivering every day for our clients. With such a diverse and seemingly endless supply of great venues and hotels to choose from in the UK, it’s pretty clear why the event industry is booming.

So there are lots of reasons to be cheerful everyone, and, if you would like to explore this great nation with an event of your own, then do give us a call. We’re always happy to help here at Cloud 9 Towers and our venue finding service is totally free.

Have a great week everyone, chin up!