What's Floating Around

23 July 2018


Welcome to another week #EventProfs and it’s the last week of July already – blimey – where is the year going we ask!? We are all so busy these days that managing our time has never been more important,  and, keeping in touch with people never easier, so how come we sometimes fail to stay connected and miss those important dates and changes to peoples careers?

From keeping up with friends to finding a new job, or securing a new client or business project, there are endless ways to stay in touch, but how to do it without appearing as stalker! And how do you suddenly pop up on someones radar when you have been silent for a long time, and surprising them so much they fail to respond.

If staying in touch and keeping connected with people is a priority, then make a little time to do it and to do it right. Set yourself aside a little time each day, 15 minutes a day should do it. Get a new positive habit and before long it will become part of a daily routine and not a chore.

Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, are ideal for conversations and connections, and if you see something relevant, engage and respond. If you spend time on social media anyway, you might as well make it a positive experience.

We all enjoy events and it’s great to run into people we know, but make a little time to connect with people who you might not know as well, who knows where it might lead – from a new client to a new friend – and once you have made a connection, try and keep them.

If you haven’t done it already then sign up for Google Alerts which is great way of tracking certain words when they appear in news stories. You can also track people so if they change jobs or get a promotion you will know about it and can pop them over a congratulatory message. This could be the start of a whole new client relationship as well.

Don’t give up. You might not get  a reply the first time you reach out someone, and whilst you don’t need to continually harass them in to submission, a follow up email or message or two is not going to hurt. Just don’t turn into a stalker or take it personally, as they are probably as busy as you are.

And, if you don’t hear back at all move on. There are lots of people out there so connect with someone who can make a difference and will come back to you.

Have a great week everyone and stay connected!

PS. We are all in Linkedin so make sure you connect!