What's Floating Around

3 September 2018


Welcome to another week and it’s back to normality and back to school for many, so a busy month ahead!

What is always strange to us here at Cloud 9 Towers, is that no sooner do the kids break up from school,  the TV Screens and Media fills up with ads promoting School uniforms and stationery, and they have barely had time to unpack their school bags or stick their PE kit in the washing machine!

This means that by the time the new terms all start, the promotion starts for Bonfire Night, Halloween, and dare we say it, Christmas! To a certain extent, September feels like some to January, the chance to start over or embrace change, and it doesn’t matter whether your school days are just or even well behind you, that September feeling never really fades – maybe it’s just us but we think it’s a common thing!

We’re always up for something new here at Cloud 9 and when we are not busy sourcing venues for clients with our free venue finding service, or delivering effective event management solutions, we like to look around the latest trends and ideas to make sure we are always up to date – we don’t jump on bandwagons but we do like to embrace change and new ideas.

And this September? Well, one thing that is really interesting is the Zero Waste Week which is on now. As #eventprofs we often get the luxury of staying in hotels and venues around the globe and we’ve all abandoned toiletries in hotels, even on holidays. But what really happens when you throw something away? Away isn’t just some magical place, it’s actually landfill, an incinerator, the bottom of the ocean, litter or the stomach of an animal. It’s always somewhere else…and not just away…

Makes you think doesn’t it? We’re not massive campaigners here at Cloud 9 but our thinking is that every little helps so all this week we’ll do what we can do to reduce our waste, even just a tiny bit. So maybe we can use last nights meal to make something tasty for lunch and ensure that this week, whenever we print something, its on both sides rather than one to save paper.

We’ll also check what we throw away and make sure the right thing is in the right bin – and you never know, we might get some hotels to donate left over toiletries to those in need on a monthly basis or something similar as part of their CSR policies if they are not already doing it. And we might think a bit more about what we are binning and why. Waste not…!

Have a great week and if you do get two mins, please take a look at the Zero Waste Week website