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10 September 2018


Welcome to another week and it’s a milestone birthday for Paula, who hits the big 5-0 for Paula. A great excuse to take stock and see what sort of challenge here at Cloud 9 Towers we can set to mark the occasion, whilst we are a little off our usual topic #Eventprofs, we hope you will forgive us! 

Now, apparently, there are 50 key things you should have tried before you are 50, and you can find all sorts of lists online detailing the stuff you should have accomplished by now. They are not all identical lists, but mostly they are all pretty similar and include……….

 1.Buy a house 2. Have kids 3. Get married 4. Fall in love 5. Eat fish and chips on the pier 6. Donate blood 7. Read 100 books 8. See your favourite band live 9. Learn a language 10. Attend a music festival 11. Own a dog 12. Learn to say no to your mother 13. Stay out all night partying 14. See the Northern Lights 15. Visit Stonehenge 16. Remember where the petrol cap is17. Travel somewhere alone 18. Sleep underneath the stars 19. Watch a meteor shower 20. Dance in the rain 21. Become an expert at something 22. Quit a job 23. See a volcano 24. Visit all seven continents 25. Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain26. Take a helicopter ride 27. Have sex on a beach 28. Swim with dolphins 29. Go skinny dipping  30. Ride a gondola in Venice 31. Make a snow angel 32. Take part in a protest 33. Own your own business 34. Go in a hot air balloon 35. Ride an elephant 36. Climb Snowdonia 37. Jump into a pool fully clothed 38. Backpack across Europe 39. Perfect a signature dish 40. Drink beer at Oktoberfest 41. Run a marathon 42. Get a tattoo 43. Ride a Vespa 44. Watch comedy at Edinburgh Fringe 45. Write a novel 46. Write a journal 47. Spend a month technology free 48. Try drugs 49. Have a threesome 50. Go to an airport and pick a random flight 

 I do like to consider myself pretty worldly but on checking against this list, sadly, I am only coming in at around 29 out of 50….30 out of 50 as long as Mum doesn’t read this, and – more importantly,  I’m relieved that some of them can stay unchecked!

 No tattoos, no running a marathon and no mountain climbing has, or is ever likely to feature on my list, and as I won’t go anywhere I can’t plug my hairdryer or straightening irons in, no backpacking or slumming it anywhere thank you very much.

Now, once you hit 50, the list changes a little…. 1. Karaoke. 2 Go on a road trip with friends.  3. Dramatically change your hairstyle or look. 4.Learn a new language. 5. Formally learn a style of dance.6.Get a tattoo 7. Travel to an exotic destination. 8.Go skinny dipping 9.Build something yourself (Ikea assembly, while impressive, doesn’t count). 10. Help fix an issue that has always bothered you through volunteering.11.Learn about your family history. 12.Scuba dive. 13.Buy the car you’ve always wanted — or at least test drive it. 14.Find an old school friend.15.Become something of an expert in something you’ve always found interesting.16.Climb a mountain 17.Single ladies: Ask someone out on a date.18.Fellas: Make a brand new friend without your wife or significant other. 19.Pull an all-nighter 20.Splurge on something extravagant 21.Go ziplining 22.Join a flash mob. 23.Take a job that feels a bit outside your comfort zone 24.Have a meal at one of the world’s top restaurants.25.Conquer one of your biggest fears 26. Participate in one of the world’s most well-known festivals: Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, Running of the Bulls and the like 27. Tell someone what you REALLY think of them. 28.Fly first class 29.Become a mentor 30.Go skydiving 31.Master public speaking. 32.Repair something all by yourself 33.Have an honest-to-goodness adventure 34 Go on a trip by yourself 35 Live abroad — we’re not talking about a week-long vacation 36 Get really good at a bar game.37 Read that classic you’ve faked having read for years 38 Have sex or engage in a sex act in an unusual place.39 Throw a party that has people talking for weeks 40 Go camping.41 Teach someone how to do something you’re really good at doing.42 Get a custom dress or suit 43 Gamble (but like our friend Kenny Rogers would say, know when to fold them). 44 If single, go on a blind date.45 Own something that makes you feel like a millionaire 46 Travel for a concert 47 Forgive someone for hurting you.48 Make an elaborate and wildly impressive meal for guests 49 Cultivate a green thumb, 50 Participate in a movement you believe in.

 I am pleased to report that I do better with this list already, and come in at 34 out of 50 – but there are still no plans for a tattoo, and my thumb will only be green if I stick it in some green paint – plants come to me to die as much as I try and tend them!

 So, on this basis, and with the standard lists out of the window there is only one thing for it  #eventprofs-  Undertake 50 fams in one year….

 Now, as we haven’t managed to bend the time/space continuum here at Cloud 9 Towers, most readers will spot that with Christmas and Holidays, Clients, Work, Friends and Family commitments, it’s highly unlikely that I will manage to cram in 50 pure fams into a single year, and, I haven’t been able to clone myself either.

 On this basis fellow industry colleagues, I hope you will allow a little latitude for the mission ahead –  as the plan is to include Trade Shows, site visits and where possible combinations of different venues in to the final count.

 The official countdown starts tomorrow, Tuesday 11 September 2018…..so let’s see how it goes..and my first Fam is Thursday!

52 Weeks |  50 Fams

Have a great week……