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What’s Floating Around Us in October 2019?



We’re a little late this month with our Blog as it’s been a couple of crazy weeks with a whole host of events. Most experienced event professionals will understand that in addition to the planning that goes into the delivery of a successful event, the follow up and evaluation to extend the longevity of the brand and engagement of delegates is just as important. S, as we are fully committed to this process, we can perhaps be forgiven for our tardiness!

But the subject of our blog this month is Awards as we recently saw a rather disturbing post on LinkedIn announcing that Black Tie Awards are dead and that the expectations of guests are so low that any reward or recognition achieved by attending is almost devalued. As an organisation we have delivered over 500 Awards Events in our time covering every genre from Advertising to Aerospace, PR to Public Sector, and we still think that Awards matter. And matter a great deal.

For organisations they provide a great platform for PR and promotion and an excuse to show your customers, your peers and your industry, that you are doing a good job. Additionally, Awards by the very action of entering, in whatever format or process, enables you to take stock of what you have been doing, and evaluate what you have done well, and what maybe, you could have done better. Especially for small businesses this is an important opportunity to take an in-depth look at procedures and hurdles and how you have overcome them.

Awards also provide a great motivational tool for staff and employees. If your company or organisation supports you to enough to enter something, whatever it might be, that you have had a significant input on, then its showing their belief in you and your work – and we doubt anyone doesn’t like being told they are doing a great job. 

Then there is the event itself. It might be delightfully dazzling and a real industry celebration, with an excuse to dig out your best frock and sip bubbly – or it might be a bit more subdued and formal – but either way, the chance to attend is always a good thing. Whilst Awards food tends to be generally regarded as poor, who cares about the chicken when there is a chance of success?

So, bah-humbug to the awards naysayers and hurrah to those who like a good awards do – even though we’d rather be delivering a great event than winning a great award!