What's Floating Around

12 November 2018


Welcome to another week and we’re feeling a little fizzy here at Cloud 9 Towers –  as we have been organising drinks and activities for some of our clients Christmas Parties – as all good event planners know, its important to be organised as early as possible and to think drinks!

Although Prosecco seems to be the popular choice for many an event these days, there are still clients around (some of ours included) who prefer the real stuff and yes, we are talking the proper bubbly, Champagne. It’s been the drink of royalty going back to the 1800’s and even Winston Churchill once said of World War II, “Remember gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne.” Well said Winston.

From Wedding toasts to celebrations it’s been the staple, but what about those people who still want a cocktail with a kick but would rather avoid the Champers?  The current trend is to think different and what better time of year to enjoy experimenting with new flavours, styles and cocktail mixes. But are you brave enough to try one of these for your next event?

One of the biggest health and holistic trends of the year has been to have a tablespoon of apple vinegar a day – believed to be great for digestion and weight loss and this trend has spilled, literally, into cocktails. Shrubs, and not the kind you find in the garden – but rather the fruit vinegary infused syrup – are also the latest rage in cocktails. Often sustainable and local to source, shrubs cocktails are popping up in many trendy bar and restaurant.

It might sound odd but but vegetable based cocktails are edging their way into the mainstream as well and its not hard to find a Bee Pollen Bellini or a Pumpkin Potion, and its an interesting way of getting your five a day!

Turmeric adds a punch to many a dish and is regularly used in cooking so why not cocktails? You will notice an increased use of turmeric syrup or popular turmeric gin based cocktails including turmeric gin and ginger and the turmeric gin sour.

You should also never forget thought that not everyone likes a tipple but we can do so much more than orange juice when designing your drinks menu. Mocktails deserve to be creative and with an ever-increasing health conscious culture, take some inspiration form the non alcoholic section on your next cocktail list.

Cheers everyone, and have a great week!