What's Floating Around

19 November 2018


Welcome to another week and we can’t quite believe where the year has gone here at Cloud 9 Towers,  with the countdown to Christmas well and truly underway.

As soon as the John Lewis Christmas ad is screened you know that you are well and truly in the festive season –  and although we don’t like the Elton John version as much as some of the other legendary ads they have produced in the past few years, there will always be a debate about the best Christmas Ads of all time.

Depending on your age you will perhaps have your personal favourite – and as there are over a billion users on Youtube and on average people are watching 40 minutes of online videos on their mobile, tuning in just to watch the ads is becoming the norm – which is very strange given most of us download our viewing these days and skip the commercials! 

Looking back over the last few years, we would have to say that the ad by Waitrose, which focused solely on warming the heart as you follow a brave robin as he ventures on an epic journey home to Britain. It ends where a girl is waiting on his annual return with the reward of a mince pie. Using the hashtag #HomeForChristmas, this ad spreads the joy!

Another favourite from a Foodie was the Sainsbuy’s Ad taking us back a hundred years, to  revisit the battlefield in World War One. Recreating the famous truce, this ad really echoes the meaning of Christmas – Christmas is for sharing and we like that!

Although no longer around, Yellow Pages was originally seen as a directory used mainly for distress and emergency needs instead of a leisure and pleasure guide. All that all changed with the arrival of J R Hartley, a charming pensioner who finds a copy of his out-of-print book on fly fishing thanks to Yellow Pages and the agency responsible went on to create some great ads. This includes the great classic Christmas ad in which a creative use for Yellow Pages is found for one of life’s little problems and Mistletoe was a great ad that truly captured this spirit.

So, just why have we featured these great ads? Well great ads all need somewhere to film and here at Cloud 9 in addition to our free venue finding service, sourcing film locations is also in our area of expertise.  So, for a stress free solution to film your next epic, make sure you give us a shout – we are happy tom help!

Have a great week!