What's Floating Around

4 March 2019


Welcome to another week and as we had a conversation with a potential new client last week, on the subject of agency venue finding, we thought we would raise the subject of why using an agency is essential for many clients. Here at Cloud 9 Towers, we offer free venue finding for clients and we know from personal experience that our services are invaluable in terms of both cost and time saving efforts to many clients.

If you’ve ever needed to book a venue for a meeting or event, then you’ll know it can be hugely time-consuming and, sometimes, a daunting experience and the range of options is vast. With so many different types of venues to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start and to ask the questions that really matter. Venue-finding agencies have the experience and knowledge of hundreds, if not thousands of venues and are skilled at placing the right type of event at the most suitable venue, and keeping up to date with new venues or refurbishments is part of our job

Additionally, using an agency will save you masses of time, as the agency will take your event brief and do all venue searching and negotiating for you – and most will be able to come back to you with a range of options within 24 hours.  As most agencies have great relationships with venues, it enables them to negotiate and due to the sheer buying power, they can normally get you much better rates, or complimentary upgrades.

When it comes to site visits, agents can do all of the ground work on your behalf, or if you are considering a couple of options, schedule meetings that work for you, so you can make an informed choice – and even do simple things that might escape you, like a chair check! It might sound daft, but if you have delegates sat down for an eight hour conference, the last thing anyone needs a numb bottom!

Whilst you are making a decision about the right venue for you to use, the last thing you want is continual stream of calls chasing you to see if you have made a decision, and using an agency takes all of that stress away – they will chase us instead leaving you to concentrate.

We’ll also consider everything you need is included or can be arranged, from additional syndicate rooms to AV and we’ll check that contract to make sure there are no hidden charges or lurking extras that can come as a surprise, and this is especially useful if you need to cancel an event – more often that not, an agency like Cloud 9 can negotiate better cancellation charges or find another event to fill the space so its also a reassuring service in the unlikely event you have to pull an event, and in the case of a really short lead time, agencies can source somewhere quickly and efficiently

And we are free. 100% of the time, so there really is no down side to using an agency, and the more we work with clients, the more we understand your business and your needs so it makes our job easier as times goes on, and means we can propose more suitable venues each and every time.

So why not give us a go with your next event enquiry no matter the event. Email paula@cloud9em.co.uk or call +44(0) 203 858 7809 – we can source venues, locally, nationally or internationally and we are fast, friendly and effective.

Have a great week and we look forward to hearing from you!