What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around Cloud 9 This Week? 8 August 2016


Welcome to another week and this week we’d like to introduce Lorry Loads, which is a dedicated service for the freight and transportation industry looking for venues or event activity.

Whilst we like to think we service all industries with equal experience and professionalism here at Cloud 9 Towers, Janet in our team has first-hand knowledge of this complex and fascinating sector, which keeps our shelves stocked, our businesses moving and our logistics on the go.

Events in this sector are tough and need to be inexpensive, accessible and hit the spot for those involved which is not always that easy.

Most venues with day delegate rates are designed for business professionals and are set up with lots of fancy extra touches which push up prices and enhance their experiences at the meeting or conference, but for those in the transportation industry, the offering needs to be different.

This is not about providing a second class service or lowering expectations but more managing the needs of the business involved. Meetings need to be short and sharp, with the point made quickly so that those involved can get back to doing what they do best – keeping Britain moving.

Additionally, whilst Afternoon Tea and elaborate two course hot and cold, lengthy lunches are perfect for some clients, our Lorry Loads offering recognises that meetings need to be early, healthy, hearty and more importantly happy.

Using this as our mantra, combined with our expertise, we can offer simple venue finding solutions for the freight and transportation industry with you in mind.

It’s still a free service to find your venue, and whether you want a meeting or a get together in Avon or Ayreshire, or from Bristol to Barcelona, then we are on hand to help.

What’s more our Lorry Loads service is also available 24 hours a day 7 days a week as we recognise the that the transportation industry in this country never really sleeps, and funnily enough, neither do we!

Have a great week, enjoy!