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What’s Floating Around Cloud 9 This Week? 22 August 2016


Welcome to another week and we’re in Venue Finding mode! Maybe not a revolutionary statement for a venue finding agency we know, and yes we know there are literally hundreds of other venue finding agencies in the UK, doing exactly the same thing. This is after all, the event industry and in business, there are very few sectors without some serious competition. However, we feel that sometimes we don’t shout about our free venue finding or the additional services that compliment this, perhaps as often as we should. So this week we thought we would remind everyone about our FUSE service, which is so much more than just venue finding.

The Cloud 9 website which is a tad unusual within our industry, is often commented upon as being a bit quirky, slightly different and certainly fairly unique, doesn’t always showcase our free venue finding service as well as it should, so we have a brand new site to shout about to complement our existing site. So what’s different about this particularly free venue finding service. Well, first, it’s a 24-hour service so it doesn’t matter if you are in London, Leeds or Latin America, we can handle enquiries at any time of the day or night.

We will of course offer a quick turnaround, lots of suitable options for your next event, be it a conference, meeting, symposium, gala dinner or incentive programme. We don’t work with contracted hotels and we won’t steer any enquiries towards the venues or hotels that may offer us any deals to ensure the business.

What we will do, is always provide a completely impartial services at venues that we think best meet your objectives and then we will do everything we can to get you the added extras and benefits that can make a simple event a spectacular event. There is no reason why a small meeting should not benefit from the extra touches that can make all of the difference to delegates.

And, yes, it’s all completely free and more importantly, there are no hidden catches, no hidden agendas and no unexpected surprises for our clients. It’s a completely transparent process and we make sure each and every venue is fully briefed about your expectations ensuring your next event is seamless.

But this free venue finding service is just one of the four elements which goes into making our FUSE service something a little bit special and a little bit different from the norm.

Understanding Social Media is also included as a complimentary offering as part of our venue finding service, and social media and events go hand in hand these days.

Whether you need us to set up social media platforms to enable delegates to engage in advance through groups on LinkedIn, Facebook or even schedule some Tweets in advance to generate interaction we can help and this is all part of the service. We are also pretty good at discovering new social media tools both paid and free that can enhance any events, as well as providing a free App building service for events, that mean the end of lots of wasted paper.

At many of the events we organise as part of our Event Management service, we tweet live and provide platforms for guests and delegates to have an interactive experience as part of the event. Plus, we also recognise that good social media can also extend the longevity of your next event. So, not bad for free?!

As we have been venue finders and project managers for many years we have accumulated no end of decorative items which means we can help style your next event as well. From vases to lava lamps, we have no end of decorative items to help dress and theme your next event if its required. Book your next venue through us and we are happy to loan you any of our stock, completely free of charge. We also have pretty good imaginations so we can suggest simple and inexpensive ideas to transform the bland to the beautiful and the dull to the delightful.

Logistically we do recognise that it will not always be practical for us to ship 40 flower centre pieces to Manchester, or even Outer Mongolia, but we are so well connected that if we can’t help, we can put you in touch with the best people who can!

The final element in our FUSE service is evaluation. We do recognise that not every event requires a complete post mortem but if you as a client are investing significant amounts of your annual event budget into an annual conference for your staff, you do want to make sure that the tone, content and any stakeholders are on message and on brand.

Yes, food, meeting space, accommodation and all of the elements that make an event are important, but as a learning exercise to make sure you are getting a decent R.O.I. on your spend, we can help evaluate and review your events, either in brief or in detail to help shape future events.

The small things matter here at Cloud 9 so whilst we are happy to find your venue, our FUSE service delivers so much more and is a great example of going the extra mile for clients that we so enjoy.

Feel we can help? Please call or email us as we would love to tell you more…

Have a great week, enjoy!