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What’s Floating Around Cloud 9 This Week? 29 August 2016

Welcome to another week and Ho Ho Ho. Sorry. We know that there are many out there who share our view that Christmas should be saved for December and the countdown to it should not really start in the middle of September!

However, we do know here at Cloud 9 Towers that if you want to secure your annual Christmas bash then it’s important to book early not only to meet the needs of your employees but also to guarantee the best rates at a suitable venue.

From taking a table at a pre-planned party to exclusive use options it’s a minefield out there and more often than not, some poor PA who is already up to their necks in budgets, telephone calls, emails and a thousand and one other tasks, is left sorting out the details and trying to find the best option to suit everyone – and stay on budget.

Not only can we source some fantastic options for you but we can also suggest some alternative solutions to your Christmas events that had perhaps never even crossed your mind!

From coming in and dressing your office to a winter wonderland and providing all of the extra touches that will really make your event go with a bang, to suggesting unusual options both in the UK and further afield, our imaginations are only limited by your objectives and your budget.

Our one stop office shop can deliver a truly magical experience for your employees and we can even post a guard on the photocopier room to ensure that not a single photocopy of a bottom does the rounds!

Patriotism is a key theme for Christmas 2016 as we’ve celebrated the Queen’s Birthday, had Brexit and enjoyed some success at the Olympics so a very British Christmas could be yours, with games and competitions, interactive quizzes and some good old fashioned touches to make your Christmas event really special.

Alternatively, you might want to enter a more high tech world with gadgets galore to make your Christmas experience a little more interactive with digital singing elves, graphic walls of snow and even a 3D Santa Claus to dole out the odd gift or two.

As Christmas is a time for giving, instead of stuffing yourself with turkey and bingeing on too much booze, you might want to use the festive season as an opportunity to bring your staff together and indulge in a team building activity that benefits those less fortunate.

We can help you source a range of projects and experiences that will not only help those in need but also provide you all with a real sense of achievement afterwards in everything from decorating to building, to simply entertaining a crowd.

You might also decide that its time to really thank your staff for their hard work and commitment and try a little jaunt over a weekend to somewhere a little more glam. From Brittany to Belgium, Barcelona to Barbados, we can create the perfect incentive weekend for your team, including activities you would not be able to enjoy simply as a tourist – and what a great way for any grump bosses to escape all of that turkey and tinsel!

However, if you simply want a party night at a venue close to your office, then please give us a shout, our email inboxes are bulging with offers and promotions from venues country wide all offering everything from Venetian Style Masquerade Balls to simple snowflake offers, all designed to help you celebrate.

This is Christmas made simple. This is Cloud 9 Event Management.

Have a great week, enjoy!