What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around? 7 November 2016


Welcome to another week and our review of a latest trip to Londonderry Charlotte and Stella undertook – this is especially useful if you would like to plan ahead for a spooky and spectacular Halloween 2017.

We are well travelled here at Cloud 9 Towers, and last week we were lucky enough to be whisked away to the lovely Londonderry courtesy of Tourism Ireland and Visit Derry.

The trip included an exciting visit to the Jungle NI for a Fright Night experience we’ll probably never forget, and a tour of some of the great venues in Derry with the opportunity to view the beautiful celebrations in the evening.

We tried to take as many photo’s as we could during the weekend, so that we could make our weekly blog as interesting.

The moment we said goodbye to the lovely Nottingham, with only a 50 minute flight from East Midlands Airport to Belfast City Airport, there is a wide range of airlines who offer this service, with talks of direct flights to Londonderry itself in the near future.

On landing we were whisked away to the Fright Night experience, and we don’t have many photos from there – just squealing and screaming in videos.

But the Jungle NI doesn’t only provide Fright Night experiences, they also have Forest Segway’s, Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Paintball, Llama Trekking (yes that is a thing!) and even more, they also have Glamping Pods available through-out the park, so the “camping really isn’t my thing” excuse isn’t going to work this time!  

The following day we were set for a busy day of site visits of some of the lovely venues in Derry, and were also presented with some equally lovely foods.

First stop was the beautiful and historical Guildhall, a beautiful venue which can cater for a wide variety of events, and the space will add a magical touch for your delegates.

Next was the Millennium Forum, a very versatile space which can hold up to as many as 1000 or as little as 250, with easily accessible break out areas, the world is your oyster with this venue.

St Columbs Hall was our next stop and with natural daylight in all of their rooms, the facilities at this venue have everything you need to bring your event to life.

The next stop was lunch at the Bishop Hotel, the spaces and bedrooms were beautiful and classical and steeped in history and we can personally say that the food was fabulous!

With full bellies we made our way to the lovely Everglades Hotel, with impressive meetings and events space and the promise of more renovations to come, this is definitely a venue to keep in mind, they also supplied us with some amazing afternoon tea… and we did try our very best to squeeze some in.

Last on the list of visits was the Walled City Brewery, this is a great place for small groups to go at the end of a long day to wind down and to also taste some of the amazing homemade ales and beers, we definitely liked them!

After a busy day it was back to the hotel to get ready for the nights festivities, make up professionally done, outfits and wigs on, we were ready to go.

With a great view of the parade from the first floor of the City Hotel and to follow the beautiful parade was a lovely two course meal and a beautiful fireworks display from the roof.

Feeling well truly fed and watered for the day it was time to make our way through to the ball, with some spooky music and a good boogie to tie up the end of a great trip, Londonderry is definitely a destination we would recommend for your delegates.

That’s all from us for another week, we hoped you enjoyed What’s Floating Around Us this week!