What's Floating Around

11 March 2019

c9a blurb

Welcome to another week and we’re pleased to be announcing a new service exclusively for Executive and Personal Assistants which is being headed up by Daniel in our team. It does exactly what it says on the tin,  and is designed to be a super quick solution for very busy people. 

Cloud 9 Assists offers a 24/7 service and if the idea of using it seems a little crackers then consider all of the time and effort you need to invest into running a successful event and this usually starts with selecting the ideal venue, on the date, and location that works for you.

It may not seem like the hardest job, and if you have set a brief for an event, or have been asked by your employers to to find a venue for a specific event, then you know what you’re looking for, how many people will be attending and what your requirements and budget might be. So, you start your search, you find some potential venues online,  and then you call or email for quotes –  in amongst everything else you have to do that day – and the next thing you know you are inundated with length proposals all in different formats, some with vat, some without, and what’s worse, they haven’t answered all of your questions about the specifics.

Then you have to face the barrage of calls from venues following up to see if you have made a decision, as if you weren’t busy enough! 

This is where Cloud 9 Assists is ideal. With over 25 years of combined, experience in sourcing venues, and delivering amazing events, we can take the arduous research away from you all for free – and we’ll come back to you with a formatted document with a range of suggestions, enabling you to make an informed and educated choice. We’ll ask the questions you might not think of, even down to ensuring that the day of your event, you will not arrive to be faced with scaffolding or building work! 

You’ll have one point of contact, who can negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal and rates, and arrange any site visits should you need them. And even if you don’t like any of the venues we suggest, you can always ask for more or change your mind about location – we understand about being flexible and our service if fast, friendly and effective. 

It’s also 100% free all of the time, so give it a try. There is no obligation to book any of the venues we suggest, so there really is nothing to lose, and everything to save when it comes to your time and your sanity!

Have a great week.