What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around? 21 November 2016


Welcome to another week and we’re in interview mode here at Cloud 9 as the search for our Brand Ambassadors continues.

We’ve already appointed two great people, firstly with Fiona Marshall who is our Essex lady with a kiwi twist. With a varied career from photography to tractor sales since moving back home from New Zealand she has spent 10 years in the MICE industry building an extensive knowledge of events and overseas destinations. Travel is Fiona’s passion and she is equally at home with a backpack or butler service. Her fancy dress collection is second to none and although tone deaf loves nothing more than warbling her favourite 80’s classics to anyone who will listen!

Covering the South West and based in Bristol we have Liz Gadd. Liz has a twenty five year career in marketing, PR and events recruitment and was previously in PR and Marketing in the hotel industry.  An experienced sponsor of awards events (which is how Paula and Liz met!), Liz has organised over 1000 events in her career, spanning conferences, awards, team building events, exhibitions and seminars, both for her own businesses and her clients.  Alternative career choice would be…a dog walker!

So, two down and seven to go and although we’ve had over 300 applicants, we firmly believe that quality and not quantity counts so getting the right people to represent our brand is paramount.

We like to think we’re nice people here at Cloud 9 and not too intimidating but when you are on the lookout for great people, you have to try and get a real sense of the person you are interviewing. With this in mind we’ve been looking at some of the weirdest interviews online to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes and we certainly hope our candidates don’t behave in the same way!

One fresh design graduate had had two interviews already at a leading fashion designer. Their business partner loved the portfolio, and they thought they had the job in the bag. Come the third interview, the designer’s husband, came in the room and asked one question: “What’s your star sign?” On hearing the answer, he walked out telling the graduate they couldn’t employ anyone with the same star sign as his wife!

Another candidate had already sailed through two interviews and for the third informal one, was offered the opportunity to go to lunch at a top restaurant – which also went well – with a line manager. On returning from lunch, and feeling confident it was time to meet the Chief Executive. Pulling up a chair but releasing the height mechanism by accident, the chair flew up and hit him in the mouth, knocking out his two front teeth and leaving blood everywhere. The up side to this was that he did get the job!

Our final horror story revolves around a candidate who went for a job interview at a large company in North London. Arriving on time, parking his car, he did some last-minute prep, and went in confidently to the interview. The interviewer’s office overlooked the car park and half way through he saw a tow truck taking his car away. Telling the interviewer that his car was being towed away, and looking for some sympathy, he expected her to suggest that the interview be suspended. Instead he was met with an icy cold response and decided then and there that he didn’t want to work for someone so ruthless.

So, that’s it for this week, have a good one and we look forward to introducing you to some new members of the Cloud 9 team soon…