What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around Cloud 9? 28 November 2016


Welcome to another week and wow the countdown to Christmas has really started although we’re a bit fed up with the whole Black Friday thing here at Cloud 9 Towers.

We lost count of the emails we had collectively last week about it and if that wasn’t enough, it’s Cyber Monday today and we’re all groaning in the office about the sheer number of sale, deal and discount offers pinging our inboxes every few seconds!

A generally happy lot we’re not anti-Christmas and we all like a bit of retail therapy (especially Janet – just ask her about shoe shopping) but enough is enough. So here is the Cloud 9 Guide to the better things you can do to avoid the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness that is gripping the nation!

First, have a big office tidy up and get rid of your rubbish. See what can be recycled, donated or thrown and get ahead with a big Christmas clear out. Good excuse to make room for your Christmas Tree and dig out those decorations at the same time.

Next, plan. Instead of staying glued to your screen all day, have an office get together and plan 2017 in advance. Key dates, key client activity, industry news and events – get ahead and get planning. If you haven’t got a 2017 diary yet, then this is the one bit of shopping you are allowed to do!

Our third tip is to walk it off. Instead of munching your lunchtime sarnie at your deck as usual, get wrapped up warm and take a walk – even if it’s just round the block. We’re all advised to do this anyway, but how many of us actually do it?

Number four on our list is to get charitable. Pick an adopted charity for the year ahead and see what you can do as a company to support them. Get a logo, get them online and make it clear that is the cause your organisation is backing for the year ahead. Maybe you can organise to volunteer periodically as a team building exercise?

Update your Christmas Card list – give everyone half an hour to get their personal Christmas Card list up to date, and then have a collective office list for clients, potential clients and prospects – and then actually write a few cards – don’t rely on printed rubbish – get personal.

Share a skill is tip number six. See what core skills people in your office have and share it. We’re not talking Strictly, X Factor or I’m a Celebrity here, so no dancing, singing or eating kangaroo’s wobbly bits. If you are a social media queen, or a coding king it might be nice to share some key tips with your colleagues. Provide them with the basics and let them have a go.

At seven is one stage further. Ask the team what skills they would like to learn in 2017 and get online and see what courses or training is available in the New Year. Sites like Eventbrite often list a range of courses covering core business skills which can develop skills both personally and professionally.

Our number eight tip is to stage your office Secret Santa Draw. Okay, we are trying to encourage you not to shop, or think about shopping but at least you will have an idea of what you will need to get your allocated person with a little notice. We won’t tell anyone if you go online and crack!

Lastly, and this is dependent on the boss. Stay in bed. Avoid all electronic devices, emails, advertisements, and notifications. Not that practical for anyone trying to run a business we know, but at least you can avoid the communication overload!

Have a great week!