What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around? 27 February 2017


Welcome to another week and with Spring around the corner, this is really exhibition season for anyone working in Events. It was Awards season last week and now exhibition season, what will be next we wonder?

Last week was the North East Venue Expo in Newcastle which Paula attended, the week before was the BNC Show in London and this coming week see’s the start of International Confex at Olympia. Combined with the numerous emails hitting our respective inboxes to attend both the CHS Show in Leeds in April and The Meetings Show in June, and its clear that exhibitions for events, and indeed most industry’s are here to stay.

What is clear though is that visitors don’t just want to visit an exhibition, they want to be engulfed by it and use it as a complete opportunity to be engaged.Experiential events are quite the draw these days as attendees look for something unexpected, and with so many events and online experiences competing for our time, audiences to gravitate towards events that are producing amazing experiences.  So which exhibitions are delivering in terms of education and our increasing demand for entertainment combined?

 James Cameron’s “Avatar” created a world people were drawn to and an Avatar exhibition, AVATAR: Discover Pandora, has opened in Taiwan where Pandora becomes a “real” place and visitors can interact in a hands-on way to learn more about science and the wonder of Cameron’s 2009 movie world. This is not the first exhibition inspired by a film, as you may remember another of Cameron’s blockbusters – Titanic – has also inspired several exhibitions and permanent exhibits across the world.

The exhibit plans to expand to other cities, before the 2018 release of the first of four Avatar sequels but this is not a one-off exhibition attended only by extreme fans as there is an increase in desire for virtual reality experiences.

Physco fan had the opportunity back in 2015 to attend and stay in the illustrious Bates Motel and the exhibition enabled visitors to step inside Norma and Norman Bates’ world in a truly unique and innovative way.

Closer to home and capitalising on the current popularity of escape rooms, Immersive Events have created a Prison Escape experience at Dana Prison in Shrewsbury.  Attendees/prisoners are dressed in prison clothing and locked in cells and it’s up to them to get out, navigate the guards, and other prisoners who may report the attempted escape. The first person who who makes it to freedom is declared the winner. Challengers can even decide to spend the night at the prison if they desire to.
So these are exhibitions are not simply about walking round and collecting all of the freebies available (we can spot the freebie hunters a mile off!), they are instead a platform to change visitors to participants.

 Have a great week, enjoy!