What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around? 6 March 2017

Pie & Mash

Welcome to another week and did you know that it’s the start of British Pie Week today?

We love a good pie and mash here at Cloud 9 Towers and at many of our awards events these days we actively encourage our clients to ditch the start, invest in a stodgy main course and pud and then have bacon butties after the ceremony.

There are several reasons for this, but the main one being that although Awards food has improved over the years (think mass catering chicken!), it allows the ceremony to start a little earlier and also restricts the alcohol levels of some guests who are difficult enough to control for even the most experienced host!

It also allows you to have a chance to retain your audience after the event, which if you have added a post ceremony disco or band, can be the scourge of many an event organiser who sees their guests departing the minute they have their trophy, through the door!

When it comes to food at events though, you do need to think about your audience and its increasingly important, especially when it comes to conferences, to keep your delegates awake and attentive so think healthy and light.

We don’t subscribe to this super foods trend to be honest, but we do recognise that offering alternatives to the traditional array of sandwiches and sausage rolls is a must so just what should you be selecting for your next event? Here is the Cloud 9 guide to the best options for a healthy and happy event!

Drink Up! Arrival refreshments are always important but but make sure you include a range of decaf options, fruit teas and lots of water. Elaborate coffees and sugary juices and smoothies are well and good but what starts with an early high for guests, will soon have them slumped in their seats.

Give it shot with a range of colourful alcohol free shots of fruit yogurts or mini smoothies. Shots also make a great option to serve smaller versions of desserts – so your guests can enjoy the puds without the guilt. They also make a great display.

Make mine a mini:You can still offer a really wide range of indulgent foods, but keep them all mini sized. This allows you to expand the range of options you are serving to guests and they can experience a diverse taste experience without filling up on just one thing.

Stick’em up! Serve your snacks on a stick as small items presented on sticks are quick and easy for attendees to eat, especially when they are at an event with limited seating.¬† They also lend themselves to attractive displays, as they can be pushed into anything from cakes and fruit or even the humble spud!

Ee By Gum: One of the nicest array of foods we have seen for a while, was a range of canapes only served in mini Yorkshire puddings. All bite sized they included sausage and mash, chicken and white wine, pork and apple and of course traditional roast beef and mustard. Delicious and simple.

All Wrapped Up. Sandwiches are easily replaced with wraps and with the amazing array of flat breads available you can create a colourful and creative display of even the most humble fillings for your lunchtime snacks.

Get fruity: If you struggled to get your children to eat fruit when they were younger you will know that creative displays are more enticing. So encouraging them to try new fruits when they are presented as animals or something fun is far easier. Adults may also indulge more if the fruit is presented creatively  so pick a couple of key fruits and start imagining!

Create a Cone: If you have any veggie or gluten free guests they can sometimes feel like outcasts so create some savoury cones using cabbage or lettuce and stuff them with some delicious fillings to make your other guests envious!

Take a Dip: From veggie sticks and humus to bananas and peanut butter, allowing guests to sample of range of dips, dressings and sauces allows you to create a taste sensation. Just make sure no one double dips!

So there you have it, have a great week and enjoy…