What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around? 10 April 2017


Welcome to another week and we’re pleased to report that a good time was had by all at last weeks CHS Event in Leeds. It was great catching up with all of the suppliers we use on a regular basis as well as meeting new ones, and lots of new potential venues.

Increasing your event industry knowledge is an ongoing and important part of our business and with so many new venues and changes in ownership, keeping up to date is sometimes a difficult task!

However, we are keen on education here at Cloud 9 Towers, as we think the more knowledge we have, the better informed we can be for clients so the team here and our Ambassadors are always researching, meeting and looking for the best options available.

From venues in Birmingham, Berlin, Bolivia or Brazil, you name it, we’re on the case!

In other news this week, we’re pleased to announce that last week we started a new partnership with the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, the largest Chamber outside of London. As part of this new initiative, we’re offering Chamber members in the East Midlands a complimentary health check on any event activity.

What this entail is really a one to one personal session where we can look at what you are spending on events and whether we can do better for you in terms of venue and supplier negotiation.We’ll also review whether you are getting a good ROI on your events and seeing how you evaluate them from both your own and delegates perspective. Lastly, we’ll be looking at your social media usage when it comes to events and providing some useful tools and tips to help improve delegate engagement and awareness.

If you are not a Chamber member, but would still like to see just how your events are performing, do please get in touch and either one of the team here at Cloud 9 or one of our regional Ambassadors would be delighted to make an appointment with you. It’s all free and you never know we could save you lots of money, and lots of time, which let’s be fair, in today’s world amounts to the same thing!

It’s a short week this week with Easter, so we wish you an abundance of Chocolate Easter Eggs and a great few days over the Easter Holidays.

If you are feeling particularly flush, you might want to splash out this weekend on a rather pricey egg for your nearest and dearest! We can’t imagine many people are prepared to spend £1000 on an Easter egg but if you decide to be decadent then an epic creation should be right up your street.The giant Easter Atelier Egg from Godiva is a whopping 66cm tall and weighs 14 kg. Taking four hours to decorate with layers of white, milk and dark chocolate used to create a lace like effect, its pretty stunning but here at Cloud 9 we’d be afraid to crack it, which is half the fun of an Easter Egg!

Have a great week!