What's Floating Around

What’s Floating Around? 8 May 2017


Welcome to another week and following our post last week about employees and shorter working weeks we’d like to talk incentives this week. What keeps people on track, keeps them motivated and enthusiastic about their work?

When you wake up in the morning, what is the passion that drives you to start your day? Here at Cloud 9 because we all really share a passion for delivering great events and helping clients find the perfect venues for their events, it’s easy to see why we all leap out of bed every morning.

The triggers that motivate people to achieve are different for everyone and although lots of people’s response would be money, some would reply recognition or simply that they get personal satisfaction from a job well done.

Keeping your employees motivated therefore can be a tricky business for clients, and incentives or rewards that spark renewed enthusiasm in one member of staff might well trigger fear and loathing in another. For example, the thought of a long weekend in Amsterdam all paid for by your company might sound great to Dave in Sales, but Anne in Accounts hates flying, has a fear of heights and can’t think of anything worse.

It seems easy enough to get people in your company together for an event locally but add in any travel as part of the event, especially overseas and a few bad decisions can lead to all sorts of trouble especially if you invest heavily in it and its fails to deliver.

As with all events, leaving everything to the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Get your people on board early, ask what works for them and where they would like to go. Booking flights, hotels and activities in advance is not only sensible, you are also more likely to pay much less for the experience.

Communicate the plans with your team. If there is a chance to participate in a desert safari for the more daring of your crew, then maybe source a nice relaxing spa or shopping excursion for those less inclined to huge sand dunes.

Team Building has come a long way since staff were giving two barrels and a couple of planks and tasked with crossing an imaginary river, but some staff, even in these days of trying to ditch the office “cake culture” hate to do anything with involves lots of physical activity or where their abilities and level of agility might come into question.

Let everyone know as early as possible about the trip and the agenda, from coordinating who is taking who to the airport, to dietary requirements, and any medical issues, have a check list and stick to it.

Don’t forget to research options that might prove challenging for any members of your team with mobility issues, or any reduced hearing or visibility. They might be perfectly comfortable in your office environment here but taken out of their comfort zone, what should be a great incentive, could turn into a horrible experience for them. Disability laws differ around the world and your policy of inclusivity here in the UK could amount to nothing overseas.

It’s also advisable not to try and pack in too much on your agenda. If you have invested a considerable amount taking your team overseas on an incentive, don’t make them stick to such a tight itinerary that they don’t get a minute to actually stop and take in their surroundings.

Here at Cloud 9 we love finding the perfect incentives for clients and whilst we always start with a client brief, step two is always the same. Get an employee questionnaire included in the process.

The boss might have always dreamed of climbing Everest and thinks his team would also enjoy it, but Dave would rather be in the bar, and Anne? Heights? Flying? She would rather hand her notice in despite her being the best person you have had ever had on board with regards to keep the company finances in check…

Have a great week and don’t forget to call if you’d like an incentive programme tailor making for your team. We promise to look after everyone including Anne!