Meet The Cloud 9 People

The Team at Cloud 9, we might be small but we punch way above our weight!


Paula founded Cloud 9 back in 2003 and has extensive advertising, marketing, media and events experience. Despite having terrible taste in music, an addiction to tomato ketchup and a nose in three books at the same time, Paula is hugely passionate about events and delivering a truly professional experience to all of her clients and contacts.


Carol was asked to help out for six weeks back in 2003. Carol’s still here. That’s a testament to the great team and work ethic at Cloud 9. It’s a rare day when Amazon doesn’t receive a visit from Carol as she downloads the latest must-read Kindle book. In fact, it’s all that reading that makes Carol our head proofreader and chief of the chequebook.


Janet is our International specialist. Our resident linguist she speaks good English, fluent Glaswegian and has conversational German which improves with cheesecake and coffee. Jamie Oliver needn’t lose any sleep as although she can’t cook, she’s a pretty organised lady and is open to worldwide research, especially when it comes to chocolate tasting!


Stella is our newest member of the team, and is super speedy at social media, admin and all things digital. She’s totally techy so we just have to be careful we don’t lose her to the latest Pokemon craze. She’s also the only member of the team who doesn’t drink tea – something we are trying to rectify!


Fiona is our Essex lady with a kiwi twist. With a varied career from photography to tractor sales since moving back home from New Zealand she has spent 10 years in the MICE Industry, building an extensive knowledge of events and overseas destinations. Travel is Fiona’s passion and she is equally at home with a backpack or butler service. Her fancy dress collection is second to none and although tone deaf, loves nothing more than warbling her favourite 80’s classics to anyone who will listen!



Liz has a twenty five year career in marketing, PR and events recruitment and was previously in PR and Marketing in the hotel industry. An experienced sponsor of awards events (which is how Paula and Liz met!), Liz has organised over 1000 events in her career, spanning conferences, awards, team building events, exhibitions and seminars, both for her own businesses and her clients. Alternative career choice would be… a dog walker!


Cristina is our Portuguese girl who is passionate about sales and events. She has developed her career in sales in Portugal but is now ready to explore the Northern Ireland market. She loves building relationships with clients colleagues and is very dedicated and resilient in everything she engages. she has had several experiencees living abrooad, including a year of volunteering in Mozambique, and she loves to travel.



Nick is a ‘Brummie’ and comes to Cloud 9 from the e-gaming industry. He can often be found attending trade shows, conferences and sporting events around europe, partly because he likes meeting people and partly because he’s addicted to mini sliders. Every other weekend he travels to London to support Leyton Orient, so far he hasn’t seen them win but knows if he stops that will be the day they do. Nick is very optimistic and loves sporting events, he will take any opportunity to meet someone famous and if there are horses involved then that’s even better, especially famous ones.


Trev is one of our team covering London & East Anglia. He and his lovely wife love to travel and try, each year, to take at least one UK break (mostly camping, cycling and canoeing) and one abroad (taking in the culture and cuisine). They enjoy cooking and hosting themed evenings for friends such as, ‘eating in the dark’, ‘Moroccan’ or ‘Port party’. He has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and as a result, a wide range of event experience, both in the UK and internationally. He has recently been doing various business development roles and has a passion for providing great customer service.


Emma is our newbie who has joined us at Cloud 9 for the summer, she’s had a go at everything from TV to coding in her first 3 years at Birmingham City University, but events is the one that has stuck! So she has come to learn all about the wonderful world of events first hand, from all at Cloud 9 Towers!