Meet The Cloud 9 People

The Team at Cloud 9, we might be small but we punch way above our weight!


Paula founded Cloud 9 back in 2003 and has extensive advertising, marketing, media and events experience. Despite having terrible taste in music, an addiction to tomato ketchup and a nose in three books at the same time, Paula is hugely passionate about events and delivering a truly professional experience to all of her clients and contacts.


Carol was asked to help out for six weeks back in 2003. Carol’s still here. That’s a testament to the great team and work ethic at Cloud 9. It’s a rare day when Amazon doesn’t receive a visit from Carol as she downloads the latest must-read Kindle book. In fact, it’s all that reading that makes Carol our head proofreader and chief of the chequebook.


Janet is our International specialist. Our resident linguist she speaks good English, fluent Glaswegian and has conversational German which improves with cheesecake and coffee. Jamie Oliver needn’t lose any sleep as although she can’t cook, she’s a pretty organised lady and is open to worldwide research, especially when it comes to chocolate tasting!

Daniel comes to us with event experience from the perspective of the organiser’s side, the venue side and now agency side. His passion for music has lead him to performing in solo, in bands and as a vintage vinyl DJing in venues across the UK and in Europe. He heads up Famtastic – our go-to place for Event Professionals globally to connect with unmissable diary dates and Familiarisation trips at some of the best venues in the country, and beyond